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Somatic Breathwork techniques follow similar principles to active meditation but with a slightly different emphasis. They also use the breath and body to revitalize the whole psychosomatic system, but focus primarily on the expression and integration of emotional blockages. This is achieved through the activation, softening, and releasing of rigidity and holding in the body, as well as the related patterns of unconscious reactions in the mind. The body will feel lighter, more vibrant and relaxed. The mind will feel less stuck and anxious, more spontaneous and responsive.

Somatic Breathwork used in conjunction with active and passive meditation can be a very potent mix, with the potential to facilitate dramatic shifts in experience very rapidly. The emotional unburdening and releasing of mental and physical tension creates a climate of relaxation and spaciousness inside, allowing meditation to arise in a spontaneous and effortless way

Osho Pulsation in London

osho pulsation

Osho Pulsation is a form of Somatic Breathwork that grew out of the work of Willhelm Reich, one of the great pioneers of 20th century body orientated psychotherapy

It utilises deep breathing to charge the body, and then the old, buried feelings that arise are allowed to express and integrate

Osho Diamond Breath in London

osho diamond breath

Diamond Breath is another type of Somatic Breathwork that utlises Trance Energetic Breathing, along with stimulation of tense and tight muscles to catalyse the release of old muscular armouring, leaving the person feeling lighter and more relaxed, both physically and mentally

our events

Our full-day events draw on our many years of experience in Somatic Breathwork, as well as in active and passive meditation, authentic communication, and in techniques to open the heart. We draw all this together to take you on a journey into yourself: first revitalising and breaking free of old emotional patterns and limiting behaviours. This unburdening clears the ground and creates the space for stillness and meditation, And finally from this space of mindfulness, we move into compassion, open heartedness and celebration