Breathe into Life

Our full-day events draw on our many years of experience in Somatic Breathwork, as well as in active and passive meditation, authentic communication, and in techniques to open the heart. We draw all this together to take you on a journey into yourself: first revitalising and breaking free of old emotional patterns and limiting behaviours. This unburdening clears the ground and creates the space for stillness and meditation, And finally from this space of mindfulness, we move into compassion, open heartedness and celebration

A full day intensive experience of inner alchemy. Using techniques of somatic breathwork, emotional integration, and both active and passive meditation techniques, as well as techniques to open the heart. It will be a deep process of inner exploration and transformation, creating a space of open hearted mindfulness.

The first part of day will be dedicated to 'clearing the ground. We will work with unburdening the body and mind through emotional expression and integration. This will create a feeling of relaxation and spaciousness that will enable us to move into meditation. From the centred space of meditation, we will then work with techniques to connect us to our hearts and to others.

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