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Laughter Yoga - Medicine for the Soul

Laughter Yoga is a beautiful and powerful inner alchemy technique. It can bring a wonderful sense of vitality and aliveness to the body, as well as taking us into deep spaces of silence. It is also a lot of fun!!


event structure

There are various different traditions of Laughter Yoga. We offer laughter yoga in the Osho tradition. This is an unstructured and spontaneous approach to laughter yoga, meaning there are no 'laughter exercises' as some traditions use. It our experience, this type of structure gets in the way of authentic laughter. 

In our laughter yoga workshops, some guidance will be given for ways of exploring that can help to stimulate authentic laughter. We will then allow the group energy to guide us, and ride this wave together. The space is available for people to interact as much or as little as they want, but this will be based on the individuality and spontaneity of the participants.

This event will consist of roughly 1.5 hours of spontaneous laughter, followed by 30 minutes of silence and meditation. This will be followed by a drink in the pub where we can all enjoy our new found vitality, mindfulness, and more laughter!