I am writing this from the beautiful Penninghame estate in south west Scotland, where I am spending the week assisting Aneesha Dillon in an Osho Pulsation group. Diving deep with a group of brave inner explorers.


reichian breathwork - learning from the best

I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to learn Reichian Breathwork from Aneesha, an extremely experienced and talented practitioner and teacher of these wonderful techniques. And amazingly only two ‘generations’ from the great man himself, Willhelm Reich. 

Assisting Aneesha is a great opportunity for me to continue to develop my understanding and skills in Reichian Breathwork. There is always more to learn, and watching Aneesha work I always pick up some new insights.

group energy dynamics in breathwork

The first couple of days were, as is usually the case, characterised by some resistance, with the energy feeling a bit stuck. The existing mental and physical structures don’t like to be disturbed, so it always takes some effort initially to get things moving. However, once everyone starts to breathe and to move, and the group energy starts to flow, it starts to have a momentum of its own, and it feels like we’re all being carried on a wave. 

The last couple of days have been great, everyone really going for it, with depths and heights being touched and beautiful connections being made. Lots of unburdening of old blockages, integration and discovery of new levels of energy and vitality. Everyone is shining from the inside.

breathwork and meditation

One of Aneesha’s insights has been to combine the Reichain Breathwork with the understanding of meditation from Osho. This gives her work an added depth, as people discover the silence of meditation after the storm. We have done lots of beautiful meditations to help people discover and connect with their own life energy, as well as with others. 

All in all it’s been a great week of learning, on a journey with beautiful people, and surrounded by exquisite nature. 


Boundless Sky offer workshops in Reichian Breathwork and meditation in Greenwich in south east London. Reichain Breathwork is a modality for the exploration and integration of energy and emotional blockages in the body and mind. It was developed by Willhelm Reich, one of the great 20th century pioneers of body based therapeutic approaches.