The traditions of the East and West have historically had a very different understanding of the human condition. The East has thousands of years of spiritual tradition with very in depth explorations of the nature consciousness. The West has historically been much more materialistic in its approach but has recently started to explore the human psyche through psychotherapy. Osho was the pioneer of the synthesis of Western psychological approaches with the Eastern understanding of meditation and consciousness. Therapy works primarily with the mind and body, while meditation’s aim is to discover that which is beyond both the body and mind, namely consciousness.


meditation and modern people

It was Osho’s deep insight that modern people cannot enter directly into meditation easily, that saw him using these two approaches in tandem. Therapeutic modalities are used to bring some balance and relaxation back to the body and mind, revitalising the body and de-energising the mind.

“Buddha never needed and psychotherapy... Those people were innocent. But... people have lost their contact with existence. They have become uprooted”. 


therapy as preparation for meditation

“Here therapy is only a preparation for meditation; its function is totally different to in the outside world”

Osho uses the metaphor of a garden to describe the role of therapy and meditation in his vision. The therapeutic work does the ‘negative’ part, clearing the ground. The unburdening of all the rubbish we’ve accumulated in our psyches over the last 25 centuries, as human society has got increasingly complex and mind orientated. 

“Therapy is used only as a cleaning proess. It is just preparing the ground, taking out the wild weeds, the stones”

For this unburdening of the body and mind, therapy is very effective and can achieve rapid results. This is the aim of the therapeutic approaches that we offer, and we feel these are some of the most effective techniques available. Approaching through the body and breath rather than through the mental analysis as traditional therapies do is, unsurprisingly, much more effective for getting people out of their minds and into the present moment. Which is what we want if meditation is the goal. 


meditation is the destination

Osho always stresses that therapy is not the ultimate goal, rather it is an approach that it used to make meditation easier to discover. In his metaphor of the garden, he often uses images of the rose or lotus flower to represent this ‘positive’ growth of awareness and meditation. 

This is why we offer events that incorporate both therapeutic work, and also give space for meditation. In a single event, we go on a journey, first into the blockages and stuckness in our bodies and psyches, to revitalise and relax the psychosomatic system. Then we always give some space for simple meditative awareness, moving from the body and mind into the realm of consciousness and allowing the lotus flower to bloom.


Boundless Sky offers integrated events encompassing various Osho therapeutic techniques, Neo-Reichian Breathwork, and Osho active meditation techniques with passive meditation as well. Based in Greenwich, south London and easy to reach from London Bridge.



The Great Pilgramage: From Here to Here by Osho, Chapter 27