tasting laughter yoga

I can still remember the first time I did Laughter Yoga. It was part of the incredible alchemical process Mystic Rose, in which the first week is non-stop laughter for three hours each day. I remember feeling trepidation before entering on the first day... three hours sounded like such a long time. I was used to sitting in meditation for an hour or so, but three hours, laughing? I had not idea what that would feel like.

In the end it was a surprisingly smooth and easy experience for me. The group energy of laughter carried me like a wave, and I found I could laugh relatively easily for a large part of the session.  When laughter wasn't flowing, I found that actively producing artificial laughter would soon transform into authentic laughter, and I would be off once again, rolling around and giggling.

laughter as meditation

And I certainly felt first-hand what Osho says about laughter, that in real laughter, the mind, thought processes stop. This was very much my experience: you can't think and laugh at the same time. If you start thinking, you'll stop laughing. And equally, when laughter erupts, suddenly the mind goes blank. So anytime my mind started coming back, my laughter would die down. So I would bring my attention back to my laughter, and I would be present, mindful, and in the moment once again.

After three hours of laughing non-stop, lying in stillness for a few minutes, my body felt like it was on fire. I could feel chi, prana, bioelectricity, whatever you want to call it, pulsating and vibrating all through my body.  It was the space of mindfulness I had experienced before, but with a vibrancy and aliveness that felt new and wonderful.

So Laughter Yoga is a wonderful tool for meditation. It is a beautiful, fun and vibrant technique, and as with all the best meditation techniques it is simple, and it utilizes a real, natural, and immediate aspect of being human as the device to support the space of mindfulness. At least this is my opinion, I much prefer meditation techniques based in the feelings of the body, rather than an imagination based technique such as visualization or mantra.

laughter yoga for health

Laughter Yoga can be of great benefit for health as well as meditation. Not only can you receive the benefits of meditation as you would with any other mindfulness practice. But there are also many physiological health benefits associated with laughter. It is one of our naturally evolved relievers of stress, and it can also support empathy and social connection with others. I'll be writing more blog posts in the coming weeks looking at the growing body of evidence of the health and well-being benefits of laughter. 

laughter yoga sessions in greenwich, south london

Greenwich is a very nice area of south London, close to Lewisham, London Bridge, Blackheath and Deptford. Boundless Sky offer Laughter Yoga sessions regularly in Greenwich as a stress reliever and tonic for the London Grind.