mindfulness for modern people


dynamic meditation

Does city life ever make you feel like you just want to scream? Well now you can! Dynamic meditation is the perfect place to let off steam in a safe and supportive environment

Dynamic meditation represents a revolution in the science of inner transformation. It was designed specifically to target the blocks that modern people have in experiencing meditation, namely our overly energised and anxious minds, and our disconnection from the vitality of our bodies

It utilises deep chaotic breathing to energise the body, and then free emotional expression to unburden and relax the bodymind. This can enable a rapid and profound experience of the space of inner silence that is meditation

Dynamic meditation is also an excellent health tonic. Increased oxygen intake and metabolism, along with emotional expression, can change the hormonal balance of the body. Stress hormones such as cortisol will decrease and relaxation hormones will increase

kundalini meditation

Kundalini is a gentle, beautiful, yet powerful meditation technique. It uses shaking to gently stimulate and energise the body, followed by free dance to express, loosening the body and relaxing the mind. It is an excellent meditation to release the stresses of the day, and will leave you felling calm and relaxed yet alert 

It is also a great sleep aid; many people find they sleep quicker and easier, and also deeper after practicing Kundalini meditation. With regular practice, Kundalini meditation will harmonise your inner energies, and you will find yourself more centred, present and at peace