laughter - the yoga of happiness


laughter yoga

Laughter is medicine for the soul! Discover the transformational power of your own spontaneous laughter. Laughing for no reason at all can create an alchemical change inside; life becomes lighter, less serious, and more fun

Laughter is one of nature's great stress relievers. A gift of our evolution that helps us to forget our troubles and enjoy the moment. Research is now starting to document the amazing health and wellbeing benefits of laughter. Laughter Yoga is a simple yet profound meditation practice that can increase your vitality and at the same time deepen your awareness

In a real deep laughter the mind disappears. It is not a part of mind or of the heart. When real laughter happens... It is almost like an earthquake, each single cell of your body, each fiber dances in tune
— osho

mystic rose: alchemy of the heart 

laughter. tears. silence

Mystic Rose is one of Osho's greatest alchemical processes. It is a journey into feeling that arrives at silence. It uses the two intimately linked physiological processes of laughter and crying to unburden the psyche and body from a lifetime of accumulated and unexpressed feeling. Three hours a day for three weeks... laughter, tears, silence... it is a journey into yourself from which you won't return the same