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Energy Breathwork (Osho Pulsation) is a wonderful technique for healing the body and mind, and bringing more aliveness and joy. It utilises deep breathing, movement, and sound to revitalise the whole psychosomatic system through the expression and integration of emotional blockages. This is achieved through the activation, softening, and releasing of rigidity and holding in the body, as well as the related patterns of unconscious tension and reaction in the mind. The body will feel lighter, more vibrant and relaxed. The mind will feel less stuck and anxious, more loving, spontaneous and responsive

Jashan has trained in Energy Breathwork (Osho Pulsation) in a direct lineage from Willhelm Reich, one of the great pioneers of body and breath orientated therapeutic work. Reich saw that the body and mind are not separate, so attempting to treat the mind in isolation from the body would not work. And also that the best way to access the deep and forgotten feelings of the body is through the breath. Reich’s brilliant techniques were brought into the world of Osho by Aneesha Dillon, where they were infused with the understanding of meditation, making them even more powerful and profound

Energy Breathwork used in conjunction with active and passive meditation can be a very potent mix, with the potential to facilitate dramatic shifts in experience very rapidly. The emotional unburdening and releasing of mental and physical tension creates a climate of relaxation and spaciousness inside, allowing meditation to arise in a spontaneous and effortless way


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